Everyday we are reminded of another weather disaster.

Raging wildfires, severe droughts, rising sea levels and killer heat waves are all the repercussions of humanity’s over-abundance.

But what prevents us from doing something about it?

12th Hour delves deep into these questions from a psychological point of view, making us confront the fact that we are our own worst enemy. Insightful, eye-opening, and filled with breathtaking images of our fragile planet – this film reminds us that there is no time to waste: we are now well into our 12th Hour.


‘In production’ set for release 2018

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Dr. Peter Russell
Physicist, Psychologist

Dr. Sue Blackmore
Psychologist, Author

Dr. Ugo Bardi
Professor of Physical Chemistry, Author

Dr. Stephen Lewandowsky
Professor of Psychology, Author

Dr. William Calvin
Neurophysiologist, Author

Dr. Azim Sharif
Professor of Psychology, Author

Dr. Dario Maestripieri
Professor of Biology, Author

Dr. Kari Norgaard
Professor of Sociology, Author

George Dyson
Science Historian, Author

Dr. Robert Gifford
Professor of Psychology, Author

Dr. Jorgen Randers
Professor of Climate Strategy, Author

Dr. Bruce M. Hood
Professor of Psychology, Author

Dr. Joseph Tainter
Professor of Anthropology, Author

Dr. Piers Sellers
Astronaut and Goddard Space Flight Center Director

Dr. Maureen O’Hara
Professor of Psychology, Author

Dr. Michael Ranny
Professor of Psychology, Author

Dr. Rob Hopkins
Founder of Transition Network, Author


Dr. Richard Dawkins
Evolutionary Biologist, Author

Dr. Michael Shermer
Psychologist, Author

Dr. Robert Trivers
Evolutionary Biologist, Author

Dr. Paul Piff
Professor of Psychology, Author

Paul Roberts
Journalist, Author

Dr. William Catton
Professor of Sociology, Author

Dr. Thomas Metzinger
Professor of Philosophy, Author

John Stauber
Founder of Center for Media and Democracy, Author




Film Credits


James Swift



Susan Kucera

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Susan is a producer, director and cinematographer with several films in wide release. Her list of films include Trading on Thin Air, For the Love of Tango, and Breath of Life.


James Swift, PhD

Writer, Producer, Editor

Jim is a producer of feature films and documentaries, holds a PhD in Psychology and is a leader in building local food and farm initiatives needed for adaptation to a distressed and uncertain future.


Andy Rick

Technical Editor

Andy is a Video Editor and Audio Engineer in Bellingham, Washington.


Musical Compositions

The Lark Ascending

Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

Norfolk Rhapsody No.1 in E minor

Five Variants of Dives & Lazarus

In the Fen Country by Ralph Vaughn Williams Performed by the New Queen’s Hall Orchestra

Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 Op.46-2, Aase’s Death by Edward Grieg

Filmed on Location IN:

Italy, Germany, Norway, Canada, France, Scotland, England and the U.S


12th Hour Trailer